Enclosed Power Thru-Bore

Electro-Miniatures produces several series of Power Thru-Bore slip rings for use in high-current, high-power applications. Each design is optimized for specific current/circuit requirements.

While the primary purpose of the slip ring design is to transfer power, each series can also carry a combination of analog, RF and digital signals.

Standard, modified standard and custom designs are available:

  Key Features

Series 2430 to 2435
Series 2420 to 2425
  • Graduated inner bores
  • Series 2420-00 rated at 10 amps per circuit
  • Series 2430-00 rated at 5 amps per circuit

Model 2523-00
  • Generous inner bore of 3.700” I.D.
  • Tabulated lengths with up to 80 circuits
  • Convenient exposed Brush Block Assemblies for Customer Wire Hook-up
  • Custom Assemblies with Large Inner Bores Available
  • High Current Rings

Series 2430 to 2435
Series 2420 to 2425
  • User friendly design for higher current requirements
  • Easily modified to suit size and mounting requirements
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