Mid-Sized Capsules

Electro-Miniatures produces a variety of mid-sized capsule designs, featuring diverse circuit counts, signal types, sizes and price categories. Standard, modified standard and custom designs are available:

  Key Features

Model 2393-00
  • Radial rotor leadwire exit for confined areas
  • Circuit compliment of (5) RG-179 coax, (70) signal and (7) 5-amp power circuits
  • Other Radial Units

Model 2546-00

Connectorized Capsule:

  • Eight coaxial 20MHz, 75 Ohm impedance circuits
  • Maximum of 1.0db insertion loss
  • Isolation of 50 db circuit to circuit
  • Environmentally sealed at flange end

Model 2441-00-5
  • Easy flange mount construction
  • 67 signal, 10 mid to low power 10 to 18 amps, 2 RG-179 video circuits

Model 2410-00

Versatile Capsule Configuration:

  • Tabulated lengths up to 120 circuits
  • Signal and Power capability
  • Shielded cables and coaxial lines available
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