Slip Ring Outline Model #2523-00

Part Number
No. of Circuits DIM "L" Wiring Schematic Customer
Part Number
D2523-00-16 16 7.41 D2523-00-116 EEC-128602-116
D2523-00-22 22 8.91 D2523-00-122 EEC-128602-122
D2523-00-32 See Specific Outline Drawing EEC-128062-132


  1. Rings - Silver
  2. Brushes = Silver
  3. Current Rating - Four at 10 AMPS, Remaining circuits rated up to 5 AMPS each
  4. Housing & Rotor - Aliminum, Anodized per MIL-A-8625, Type II Class 1 or Irridated per MIL-C-5541, Type IA (Gold)
  5. Dielectric - Cast Epoxy
  6. Wires - Teflon 72" long, wire pass-thrus sealed to the fullest extent possible
  7. Bearings - Double sealed & permantly lubricated using Aeroshell #7 per MIL-G-23827
  8. Brush Block - G-10: Field replaceable, interchangeable & suitable for operation at both sea level & high altitude (low humidity) environments. Brush to be grouped as individual brush blocks according to function and type. Noise sensitive blocks are located away from the power block. The power block in located at the top of the slip ring.
  9. Specifications to agree with customer DWG. SOCD-128602-1[ ] (See chart above)

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