Electro-Miniatures produces unpackaged slip ring components for applications that have tight packaging constraints where the slip ring needs to be integrated into the motion control platform. These components are the same high quality components that Electro-miniature incorporates into its traditional packaged products such as Mid-Sized Capsules, Enclosed Power and Enclosed Signal Thru-bore and Assembly products:

  Key Features
  • Numerous custom combinations are available based on customer's specific requirements

Model 2480-00
  • Circuit quantity - up to 10 circuits @ 5 amp max per circuit
  • Molded low cost separates
  • Fast delivery

Model 2451-2453-00
  • Circuit quantity - tabulated up to 40 circuits
  • Graduated inner bores
  • Rated 5-10 amps per circuit
  • "Pancake" type construction available in either separates or enclosed construction
  • Provides short axial length with increased circuit counts

Model AJ20000 Series
  • The original ultimate standard
  • Graduated inner bores available
  • Up to 40 circuits available at 10 amp rating
  • Fast Delivery
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