Case Studies

Over the past fifty years, Electro-Miniatures has solved some of the most demanding rotary connectivity problems. EMC slip rings have been used in applications ranging from deep hole drilling, undersea exploration, armored vehicle targeting systems, UAV's and helicopters to space exploration.

We have highlighted a few of these applications to provide you with a better understanding for our capabilities and how EMC is able to customize a solution to meet your specific requirements.

  Application Description
Directed Infrared Countermeasures Electro-Miniatures designed and delivered an integrated slip-ring — resolver assembly used in NEMESIS, the only directed infrared counter measures system in production today. learn more
Photonics Mast Program Developed initially under a DARPA contract, Electro-Miniatures developed an environmentally sealed slip-ring, capable of transmitting power and RF signals in demanding undersea applications. learn more
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